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LyndalT Podcast

Tea Talks

It's all about Tea, Truths & Time – your time!

Gain an insight into the LyndalT brand success and conversations with integral influencers behind Lyndal's personal health recovery and journey into building an online community and product-based business. Listen in!

Founder, Lyndal Thomas, is an advocate for holistic health, designer, product creator, podcaster, tea drinker, and breast cancer survivor.

The purpose of this podcast is to reach out to listeners and let in the turning point T-stories behind the eponymous brand LyndalT which sells tea, teacups, and tableware.



Sep 6, 2021

My name is Lyndal Thomas and I have a blue teacup, which once belonged to my great grandmother.  I have children so this teacup is now at least 5 generations old.

This is the inspiration behind the fine china brand, LyndalT.

Thank you for stopping by to hear this quick story and becoming part of The LyndalT Podcast.

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